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  Domestic Violence  
Are you or is someone you know being emotionally or physically abused?
Warning Signs
If you answer yes to several of the following questions, we urge you to pick up the telephone and seek help day or night
For yourself…
  Does your partner shove, hit, shake or slap you?  
  Does your partner make light of the abuse, insist that it didn’t happen, or shift the responsibility for his abusive behavior, blaming you for it?  
  Does your partner continually put you down, call you names, or humiliate you?  
  Does your partner intimidate you through looks or actions, destroy your property, or display weapons?  
  Does your partner control what you do, who you see and talk to, and where you go, limiting your involvement outside the relationship?  
  Are you made to feel guilty about the children, or has your partner threatened to take the children away?  
  For family and friends…  
  Does she appear anxious, depressed, withdrawn, and reluctant to talk?  
  Does her partner criticize her in front of you, making remarks that make you feel uncomfortable when you’re around the two of them?  
  Do you see or hear about repeated bruises, broken bones, or other injuries that reportedly result from "accidents"?  
  Does her partner try to control her every move, make her account for her time, and accuse her of having affairs?  
  Is she often late or absent from work, has she quit a job altogether, or does she leave social engagements early because her partner is waiting for her?  
  Seek Help  
  National Domestic Violence:  
  - 1 (800) 799-SAFE / 1 (800) 799-7233/ 1 (800) 787-3224 TDD  
  - 1 (800) 942-6908 Spanish Speaking
24-hour-a-day hotline, Provides crisis intervention and referrals to local services and shelters for victims of partner or spousal abuse. English and Spanish speaking advocates are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  Tulare County Health and Human Services  
  Government Plaza   
  5957 South Mooney Blvd  
  Visalia, California 93291  
  Phone (559) 737-4533   Fax (559) 737-4693  
Good News Inn 734-1572
Tulare Women's Shelter   685-9515
Visalia Women's Shelter  732-5941
Open Gate Ministries, Dinuba  
(Emergency Short Term Housing)
Porterville Mission , Project Shelter 781-7468 or 784-0192
Legal & Personal Rights Information
Family Services 732-2514
Family Violence 24-Hour Hotline 1-800-448-2044
Porterville Mission Project 781-7462
Victim/Witness Assistance 733-6755
Legal Aid 1-800-350-3654 or

Office of the District Attorney, County of Tulare
 ▫  221 S Mooney Blvd, Rm 224, Visalia, CA 93291-4593    (559) 636-5494
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