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  Auto Theft- Prosecution Program  
  Vehicle theft has become a major problem in the San Joaquin Valley as evidenced by Fresno County's position as the vehicle theft capital of California. Tulare County suffers from the dual problem of an increasing number of thefts and an increase in the sophistication of thefts. No longer are these crimes the handiwork of "boys" joyriding, but instead the calculated efforts of statewide and nationwide theft rings.

Theft has become cross-jurisdictional, i.e. cars stolen in one city, discarded in the unincorporated areas of the county and vice versa. In order to combat this rise in thefts, a specialized and coordinated program has been established by the Office of the District Attorney. The Vehicle Theft Prosecution Program was established in 1995. The program utilizes a specially trained and designated prosecutor and investigator, coupled with an investigation fund to assist local agencies. It is committed to bringing Tulare County the best protection possible.

The program networks with law enforcement agencies to raise awareness and to coordinate cross jurisdictional prosecutions and investigations. Public education emphasizes prevention, as well as placing criminals on notice that vehicle theft of any form will not be tolerated in this county and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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